1-800-471-2261   "We are ​Not just a Merchant Processing Company".

Why we are doing this?


Our industry has turned into a non-trusting, bad taste in your mouth business.  So we ask, how can we change it?  Here is what we came up with...

1)  Lets give you 50% of our commission for life.

2)  One FREE terminal per location.

3)  No Contracts Ever.

4)  And Customer Support that actually picks up. 

Learn more about our back-end company www.emscorporate.com 

To get the benefits of our program you must go directly through JSMB (Jump Start My Bills).  

Fill out the form below, to get a call so we can answer any of your questions and concerns. 

This is a partnership on your terms, not ours...

Disclaimer: If you refer another business owner, the business owner must be in a 1 year contract.  Because we pay you $250 and we pay the business owner 50% of our residual.  Or you can waive your $250 to give your referral no contract.